New Mexico Artist Retreat and Tour May 28- June 7,  2020
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New Mexico Artist Retreat and Tour May 28- June 7, 2020

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Join award-winning artist Jo Bertini on a 10 day painting adventure through the legendary landscapes of northern New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment. Abiquiu, Taos and Santa Fe are featured on the itinerary as well more historic villages and properties. Stunning landscapes, ancient native history and culture and a fascinating and enduring lineage of artists that have been drawn here from all over the globe make for an unbelievably rich experience that will feed your creative drive for years to come. The Spanish Colonial history of the region, beginning with Coronado’s Entrada in 1540, is still thriving in the villages, ranchos, and homes of New Mexico. Walk (and paint!) in the footsteps of Georgia O’Keeffe and soak in the views right out of her studio window that inspired many of her paintings. We’ll immerse ourselves in the monumental landscapes of the legendary Ghost Ranch made famous by her paintings. We will meet local artists and get a peek into their studios and, by the way, we’ll take a private tour through the legendary Taos Pueblo. The natives of Taos have lived in this very earthen fortress for, literally, hundreds of years- archaeologists believe the pueblo may date to 1000 AD! And they STILL live there, a veritable world treasure. Just talking about all this, I’m getting so excited to show you!

One-on-one mentoring with Jo, “en plein air” painting in once-in-a-lifetime settings, studio practice, amazing history and culture, fantastic food, local wine (yes, New Mexico grows excellent wine!) are all waiting for you! We’ve planned the perfect itinerary that highlights the incredibly rich landscape, history and culture, BUT- we’ve also allowed ample time to breathe, feel the beauty, reflect, discuss, paint, and just…be.

We offer rates with Double Occupancy, Single Occupancy and a special Companion rate if you want to bring along a spouse, partner or companion who is not participating in painting instruction and mentorship. Companions are of course welcome to sit in on any and all painting instruction sessions and fieldwork, we only ask that companions always be respectful and sensitive to the artists and the proceedings during painting/ instruction sessions.

A non-refundable deposit of $500.00 is required at time of registration to reserve your place, or you may pay in full. If you opt to pay the deposit, the remaining balance is due by February 28th, 2020. After February 28th, 2020, no payments can be refunded. For more info, email or call (505) 450-8361.





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Ghost Ranch with Jo Bertini October 18-20, 2019          $450
to Oct 20

Ghost Ranch with Jo Bertini October 18-20, 2019 $450


Landscape painting workshop with Jo Bertini at the legendary Ghost Ranch. The landscape that provided endless inspiration for Georgia O’Keeffe. The stunning Ghost Ranch Arts Center will be our private studio for three breath-taking days. One-on-one mentoring, “en plein air” painting in once-in-a-lifetime settings, immersing oneself in a land that absolutely vibrates with beauty as well as the incredible history of indigenous Puebloans, Apaches, Utes and Navajos, conquistadors, colonists, ghosts, and yes, artists.

This workshop is brought to you by Peelwood Creative. Please click the “BOOK NOW” button below and you will be taken to their web-site to register.

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to Apr 8

Camel Trek Flinders Ranges


In conjunction with Camel Treks Australia, we have customised a 4 day painting adventure with Australia's desert queen, Jo Bertini.

Setting out early from Adelaide our bus will transport us to Hawker where the camels will be packed and ready to take us to the heart of the Flinders Ranges.

Each day you may choose to ride the humble camel or walk along at a gentle pace as we follow the well worn tracks that reveal spectacular gorges, sheltered creeks lined with river red gums, abundant wildlife and spectacular views of the rugged mountains.

We will record what we see taking photos and sketching at every opportunity and have time during the longer stops for painting.
Sleeping under the southern stars in a comfortable swag and gazing at the night sky will be a first for most as we leave all our cares and modern technology behind. You will find the experience exhilarating.

"The earth has music for those who listen" - George Santayana

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to Nov 5

Figurative Painting with Jo Bertini- Art Workshops Australia

Figurative Painting

Jo is conducting a workshop incorporating still life and the human figure. Painting from representation to abstraction which reinvents the classical genres of portraiturefigure in the landscape and still life. This is a masterclass using classical painting genres and representing any subject in an imaginative and creative process that leads to individualistic, distinctive interpretation.

Making art is about self-expression and communication yet often the hardest task is to imbue the work created with a sense of the artist's distinctive 'voice' or 'self'. Jo's extensive experience as a practitioner and teacher enables her to witness student's frustration in trying to find their 'signature style.' Art making is as much about the thinking, as it is about technique.

Technical skill and a solid practical knowledge is only half the battle. The 'depth' necessary to create art comes from another educated source. Artistic purpose is linked to personal journeys. This workshop will help you discover clarity of language in your art-making practice, integrating both technical skills and personal philosophy.

Jo has been an artist in residence, guest lecturer and has taught masterclasses at many public and regional galleries. Her work is included in collections both nationally and internationally. This celebrated artist is represented by Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney and Mars Gallery, Melbourne.

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